"We Stand Ahead in Quality"

All PANS TECHNOLOGY employees are personally responsible for the quality of their work and the development of their activities. All staff members, subcontractors and suppliers must strive for continuous development in their actions and maintain the high quality of operations and products. Every member of staff must take corrective action after detecting any deficiency in quality and also report it. A defective product must never be advanced from one work phase to the next or dispatched from the PANS TECHNOLOGY.

Management reviews are used to assess the operating policy and its suitability for our organization – changes will be undertaken whenever necessary.

The Operating Policy of PANS TECHNOLOGY

For PANS TECHNOLOGY, total quality means the ability to fulfill customer needs, expectations and requirements. We also focus on healthy working environment and safety of human being.

PANS TECHNOLOGY’s always strive to maintain product guarantee and friendliness to the environment.

PANS TECHNOLOGY manufactures metal products. Our basic principles and objectives include compliance with statutory and other requirements, continuous investment in well-being at work and cleanliness of the premises and consideration for the environment and related issues in all operations.