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Interesting Facts About Aluminium Welding

Pure aluminum (Al99.5) is not very strong. However, it is used as the basis for alloys with a strength that matches up to steel.

Welding aluminum is particularly difficult because the material is surrounded by an oxide layer. This only melts at around 2015 degrees Celsius, while aluminum itself melts at around 650 degrees depending on the alloy. If the oxide layer were to be melted in the conventional manner then the aluminum would run away, and welding would be impossible. It is therefore necessary to destroy or displace the oxide.

What area the Chanllenges of Aluminium Welding ?

Alongside steel, aluminum is the most widely used construction material. Its biggest advantage is that it is just as strong but only around half as heavy. The use of aluminum is therefore preferred for lightweight constructions.

Technological Processes for Aluminium at PANS TECHNOLOGY

PANS TECHNOLOGY offers its Customers technological processes that ensure the overall execution of even the most complex projects. Starting from support in design of Parts or structures, we offer a professional selection of manufacturing technology and prefabrication processes through:

Main Process for Welding

Welding is a key and critical process, in which, depending on the technology selected, we use MIG or TIG welding, which is either carried out manually or with the use of welding rotator/positioner.

Manufacturing & Pre-fabrication Processes

Every project implemented at PANS TECHNOLOGY requires precisely selected surface treatment methods. Stainless steel and aluminium are subjected to chemical treatment processes and abrasive blasting using glass shot – if required by the given technology. For carbon steel, we provide abrasive blasting using steel shot. We also provide wet and powder coating services through proven business partners.

Welding in Machinary & Equipment Production

In machinery, equipment and high-quality structures’ production welding plays key role. Our machinery and high-quality welded constructions or structures production offer is strictly associated with welding. Welding is our main process, to which we pay special attention.

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