For PANS TECHNOLOGY, total quality means the ability to fulfill customer needs, expectations and requirements. We also focus on healthy working environment and safety of human being.

PANS TECHNOLOGY’s always strive to maintain product guarantee and friendliness to the environment.

PANS TECHNOLOGY manufactures metal products. Our basic principles and objectives include compliance with statutory and other requirements, continuous investment in well-being at work and cleanliness of the premises and consideration for the environment and related issues in all operations.

Sample for WPS, PQR & Welder Qualification Certificates

List of Facilities Available for Fabrication
Sr.No Name of Machine Qty. Size and Capacity of Machine
1 MIG/MAG Welding Machines 4 400 Amps.
2 Arc Welding Machines 2 250 and 400 Amps.
3 TIG Welding Machines 3 200 and 400 Amps.
4 Magnetic and Hand Drill machines –size No-1 4 Max dia 25 mm
5 Band Saw Cutting Machine 1 Max.Dia-175 mm
6 Drum Polishing Machine 1 1 H.P
7 Welding Positioner 1 Max. Weight capacity- 100 Kg.
8 Hand Angle Grinders 8 Cap 4,”5” & 7”
9 Air Compressor 1 Capacity 110 cfm,HV 21070
10 Pug Gas cutting machine 1 Max. thk. 150 mm
11 Air Spray Painting 1 Open Area
12 Over Head Crane 1 5 T Capacity

Fabrication Process Flow