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We aim for customer satisfaction, at both the service and product level

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The company is situated in the industrial area in Talwade, Pune. The team as on today around 15 persons. The existing orders contains mainly for manufacturing of fabricated/Machined engineering items and small type of assembliesas per customer requirementto Local and Export market.

PANS TECHNOLOGY offers both full-system and component solutions for industrial needs. Our technologies are based on high-end, comprehensive competence.

We focus on customer-oriented services for differenttype of industriesand our operations are organized as per product requirement. Our open and direct way of operating is aimed for clarity, reliability, Quality and on time delivery with competitive cost (customer as a business partner/WIN-WIN attitude).

Customer satisfaction is our main aim at both the service and product level.

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For PANS TECHNOLOGY, total quality means the ability to fulfill customer needs, expectations and requirements. We also focus on healthy working environment and safety of human being.

PANS TECHNOLOGY’s always strive to maintain product guarantee and friendliness to the environment.

PANS TECHNOLOGY manufactures metal products. Our basic principles and objectives include compliance with statutory and other requirements, continuous investment in well-being at work and cleanliness of the premises and consideration for the environment and related issues in all operations.

All PANS TECHNOLOGY employees are personally responsible for the quality of their work and the development of their activities. All staff members, subcontractors, and suppliers must strive for continuous development in their actions and maintain the high quality of operations and products alike. Every member of staff must take corrective action after detecting any deficiency in quality and also report it. A defective product must never be advanced from one work phase to the next or dispatched from the PANS TECHNOLOGY.

Management reviews are used to assess the operating policy and its suitability for our organization – changes will be undertaken whenever necessary.

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Reverse Engineering for cost competency

We always extend our cooperation with customer’s right from starting point of product development.We used always professional planning, schedulingand major milestones to optimize cost of product which means that we are able to offer our help for instance when it comes to efficiently utilizing the material. When calculating quotations we have fixed parameters on the basis of which a price is set. In this way our customers know from the beginning what the final price for a product will be. Our open policy can lead to a long cooperation due to which the customers become familiar with our working practices and it makes everything smooth and efficiently.

We always adapt the size of deliveries completely to the needs of the customer. Our cooperation often starts with fabrication but we also provides different allied services like-Heat treatment, machining, painting and various surface treatments.

In Pune there is a concentration of small and medium-size companieswhich are regularly providing services to big companies and thanks to this big companies can utilize local expertise. PANS TECHNOLOGY has taken the challenge to network with companies within different fields in order to be able to serve customers with complete solution.

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